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    Hey, I've been searching around the web for about an hour now, looking for info on how to use the Local Packages source. Does anyone actually know how do do it? I've tried a lot of different "Create your own source"-programs but none of them worked. I found a guide to how the .plist file should look like, but I don't think it was up to date.
    Does the local packages source work like any other source? I.e. do I need a .xml file containing the same info as the public sources? If so, can someone give me an easy example on what this is supposed to look like?

    What I need Local packages for is basically being able to install stuff without WiFi (As I am one of those retards without WiFi at home :P). I can use iPhoneList or any other Mananza.dll-based iPhone browser to access the ~/Library/Installer folder and add the stuff there.

    Thanks in advance
    2008-08-12 11:53 AM