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    If you have the new installer and you are having issues with it taking forever to load or its locking up I know why. the community source download has some repos that are super slow. If you delete all those repos and only leave the devteam repo your installer should run much faster. PM me if you would like to know which source repos I use. My installer runs alot smoother and faster.
    2008-08-19 02:05 AM
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    2008-08-19 02:56 AM
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    I can confirm that a bad source will cause extreamly long refresh times. I removed one source that was not refreshing and now my installer app refreshes nice and fast now.
    Are you having fun yet
    2008-08-19 03:06 AM
  4. plop47's Avatar
    yeah I think the main culprit is modmyi's repo and Installer 4.0 Repository

    those 2 are the slowest ones. remove those 2 and i bet everyone will notice the difference. there are also some that just time out. If that happens it takes even longer and it will do it every time you try to add a new repo, and every time you open installer.

    this is a quote from the devteam about the new features of the installer 4.0b5

    "The repositories are being refreshed upon launch so you always stay on the bleeding edge with the updates. This is exeperimental behavior and we’re not yet sure it will make it to the final release."

    well unfortunately some of the repos in the community source installer ask you to download are wicked slow. So this is causing everyone to think its broken. Maybe we should tell the ripdev team this.
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    2008-08-19 04:11 AM