1. Tackett's Avatar
    Ok Im the new guy, I understand the search function, and have been looking for a while. I have a slight problem that some searching did not solve. I just got done upgrading my previously jailbroken 1.1.3 phone using the dev team method, and my two biggest complaints are: there are like 15 apps in the installer list. Most of the ones that I used in 1.1.2 are gone. (money, chess, etc.) I dont even see customize listed to install, and summerboard is about worthless. SO, i realize that most of this has probably been posted before, but I simply cant find it if it has. Feel free to tell me to stfu noob and post the link if you know where to find the answers.

    We could use this as an opportunity to string most of the good 1.1.3 links together so they could be found in one central location.

    2008-02-07 09:39 PM
  2. spitfire's Avatar
    I had that too. I just added some sources and refreshed em, rebooted and stuff, and all of a sudden all my apps in installer were back.
    2008-02-07 10:58 PM
  3. julianqm2's Avatar
    even tho they dont show up on the home screen you have to go to unisntstall in installer and al your programs will be there and you have to uninstll them all then reiensatll them for them to work
    If i helped hit Thanks!
    2008-02-07 11:40 PM