1. studguy's Avatar
    My iphone was originally 1.1.1 with 3.9 BL, I update it to 1.1.3, update the baseband, and then used anysim to unlock it like everyone else here. Now my installer does'nt crash however, the only time that it crash is when I try to install an app. It does let me install some apps without crashing like summerboard themes and such, but when I try to install other apps like bosstools and things like that. It just crashes and go back to homescreen. I dont know whats the problem with it. I also have a 16gb iphone and jailbroken and unlocked. Installer does't crashes on that one when I try to install any apps but why does it crashed on this one with the 3.9 BL. Any help guys?
    2008-02-11 12:13 AM
  2. asi's Avatar
    This worked for me: in installer I went to uninstall choosed installer, and reinstalled the installer (in the top right corner instead of uninstall appears reinstall)and that solved my installing problems. Good luck!
    2008-02-11 09:51 AM