1. neox's Avatar
    Can someone advise as to how I could fix this problem... Some applications after i download them with Installer 4 dont have those errors.. I wanted to dload BossPerf and BossTools, but I keep getting this error: failed script command on line 2: Exec .

    I tried passing the following commands in Putty:
    chmod -R 777 "/Applications/Installer.app" , then
    chmod a+srx "/Applications/Installer.app/Installer"

    then i get this:
    #root: killed

    checked the permissions, they stayed the same......

    can someone advise on a fix.... or provide the proper permissions for BossPref and BossTool.......

    2008-09-01 03:56 AM
  2. techgirl's Avatar
    Neox - I don't think anyone is using Installer... It's been messed up for weeks. The only good about it is its nice, new interface, still useless. I am a little down though. I think us original modders have an affinity to installer, I hope they can pull through. Otherwise, just use Cydia.

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    2008-09-01 05:24 AM
  3. neox's Avatar
    Unfortunately, Cydia is not working... and Restore is my last resort...
    do you know what the permission settings for BossPref?!
    2008-09-02 12:20 AM