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    I'm a using a 1st Gen iphone unlocked and jailbroken with 2.1 firmware. I downloaded about 4 apps with installer, but none have appeared on spring board. I also restarted my Iphone several times, but it ended in the same result. I went into installer and looked in the installed packages folder, and all the apps are there. Still nothing is on spring board. Please help

    Problem fixed Mods please close this thread
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    2008-09-22 03:01 AM
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    I'm on a 3g and haveing the same problem, it appears that not all the apps are compatible with 2.1 however cydia seems to have more apps that work, however cydia sucks, so just use cydia as a backup plan if somthing doesn't work with installer

    But i would love it if somone could fix this

    P.s. I love cydia its just not as flashy and the apps are limited.
    2008-09-23 07:46 AM