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  1. norcalbike's Avatar
    ever since updating my in January, it has been crashing to springboard. I have tried to manually fix it with ssh and iphonebrowser, but it hasn't worked. I have set prefs to 755.
    Any help?
    2008-03-02 05:48 AM
  2. wine_guy's Avatar
    How did you go about jailbreaking? Did you use Nate True's method? Or an app like ziphone? Either way, you might have to restore iphone software and then jailbreak again. This time around, I would recommend using ziphone or independance for the jailbreak.
    2008-03-02 06:43 AM
  3. norcalbike's Avatar
    The fist time I used the Nate true method I believe. Should I just upgrade to 1.1.4 and use zipphone?
    2008-03-02 06:54 AM