1. Munzo's Avatar
    The installer for me is not working. When I go to install something it tells me that I have no space yet I have 2GB's left.

    I am running on 1.1.3 from 1.1.1 OTB.
    2008-03-02 08:22 PM
  2. safinator's Avatar
    The harddrive is split up into 2 disk partitions. 300mb for your apps and the rest for your music
    you must uninstall some things first, then install Bosstool and relocate some files so it will free up some space. hope it works

    click the thanks button if it did

    Jailbreakin since 1.1.1
    man i wish we could just download the jailbreak from safari just like back in the day.

    update: comex has answered my wish.

    custom setup:
    Asus m3n78 PRO
    AMD Phenom Quad-core 3.2GHz
    EVGA GTX 260 core 216 processors
    4GB G.Skill RAM
    HDDVD BLU-Ray DVD drive
    150GB Raptor X(has window to see disc)
    500GB WD HD
    2008-03-02 09:45 PM
  3. Munzo's Avatar
    2008-03-02 11:37 PM