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    For complicated reasons using a wireless router is not an option for me. There for i share my broadband connection through my laptop's AD HOC connection. This successfully worked on v1.1.2 (although the iphone initially says it cannot connect to the network, a tick is always shown)

    I updated to v1.1.3 and all internet stopped working (apart from edge of course). As soon as i successfully connected and the wifi signal was displayed i exited to the home scrn to get on to safari and the wifi signal would disspaear (same with installer).

    My friend who shares my connection has the same problem with his touch on 1.1.3 (and he isnt jailbroken etc).

    I then updated to 1.1.4 (using ziphone) and i can now get to safari without loosing the wifi signal. However as soon as click on installer it immediately dissapears and i have no connection! It is incredibly frustrating and any help would be greatly appreciated.

    2008-03-10 07:10 PM