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    Okay, so I'm dumb. I loaded "activatemms2g" on my 3g, 3.0 iphone and now I'm stuck in permanent reboot. It keeps rebooting, showing a blank screen and then rebooting after a few minutes. I've put it in DFU mode several times and no help. I even tried running redsnow again to jailbreak it again, but no help. It did re-jailbreak it, but it's still in reboot mode. Any suggestions???
    Anyone? Anyone? I should add that it's not recognized by iTunes, so I can't restore from a backup.
    2009-07-03 05:48 AM
  2. ryan206's Avatar
    If you put it in DFU Mode, open in iTunes, you will be able to restore to a factory 3G IPSW
    2009-07-03 06:01 AM
  3. SevenMinusT's Avatar
    Same problem here, but my device just won't be recognized. When I plug it into the computer, the computer pop's up an error message stating that my USB device has malfunctioned.....Is it possible to hit the home and power buttons in a certain manner other then DFU mode that may restore the iPhone as it was the App that caused the system failure? or am I simply out of luck?
    2009-07-03 06:13 AM
  4. trigs's Avatar
    If you put it in DFU Mode, open in iTunes, you will be able to restore to a factory 3G IPSW
    Tried that, but iTunes doesn't recognize the iPhone. It just keeps rebooting over and over. Oops, spoke too soon. itunes finally recognized it in DFU and the restore has started. Thanks...
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    2009-07-03 06:15 AM
  5. bscott05's Avatar
    plug your iphone into the computer, then put it into DFU mode.. keep holding the home button (last step) til your comp recognizes in DGU mode.. works everytime
    2009-07-07 04:10 AM
  6. sammer80's Avatar
    Yea i had the same problem. What you need to do is put the phone in recovery mode. to do this do the following:

    1. Do a hard reset on the phone, hold the sleep/wake button + the home button until it turns off then release before it turns back on.

    2. Plug the dock into the compute and have iTunes running.

    3. HOLD the home button on the iPhone, while holding it, connect the iPhone onto the dock and CONTINUE to hold the home button until the CONNECT TO ITUNES DISPLAY APPEARS.

    4. iTunes will recognize this and ask if you would like to restore it. Click restore. Then choose to restore from BACKUP! This will take a few minutes. It will fix the problem. Your iPhone will be up and running as normal and all your contacts, sms, bookmarks, settings, etc. will be intact. The only thing that will be erased is the music. But you can easily add that all back right.

    Hope this helps
    2009-08-19 09:56 AM