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  1. DaGemz's Avatar
    Hello friends,
    well basically my iPod touch is 2nd generation and runs on version 3.1.2. I originally jailbroke it a couple of months back and everything installed successfully; I had a good couple of themes and apps downloaded without a problem, but not even an hour after enjoying its new capabilities, I apparently downloaded some corrupted app.

    I honestly had never seen anything like it before. I downloaded it and suddenly the screen started lagging like crazy! I return to the home screen and the entire thing froze on me. I started getting nervous so I just turned it off and turned it back on a minute later; the only problem was that my ipod returned to that connect-to-itunes picture, so I did. I lost all my info but luckily i had back it up so I got it a little later.

    Not long after getting my data back did I attempt to jailbreak it again. Everything went fine with downloading blackra1n, cydia, and rock and whatnot but the VERY moment i downloaded a theme or app that included with Winterboard, it would return to the connect-to-itunes picture and delete all my info. What i'm wondering from the more experienced or knowledgeable members here if they would know what to do. If anything can be done at all, I would be eternally thankful for help towards this matter.
    2010-01-15 03:45 AM
  2. battlecrushr's Avatar
    Ur jailbreak is tethered. Everytime it goes to that screen just rerun blackra1n.
    U won't lose anything
    2010-01-15 03:50 AM