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    I'm trying to jailbreak an iPhone for a firend. My phone is already JB and does what i want to. I'm deployed to afghanistan so using the iPhone on the internet isn't an option. We don't have wifi, we have limited internet (which i'm surprised i'm allowed on this site) and we can't install iTunes on the gov't computers.

    i have WinSSh on my personal laptop. i can move files to and from using a partable hard drive. My question is: what can i do to manually install the files necessary to unlock her phone to allow her to use the local SIM? I've been skimming the threads for something similar, but so far no luck.

    sorry, i forgot to mention, her phone is now jailbroken using Blackra1n from my laptop. but that hasn't done anything except put her phone into recovery mode and install blackra1n on her phone. her os is 3.1.2
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