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    I have a 2nd generation iPod Touch and it has 4.2.1 firmware. I was curious as to how I can get Installer on it. If I use Greenpois0n RC5, I get Cydia but not Installer or **********. Is there a source for Installer ON Cydia? Redsn0w hasnt been updated for 2nd generation iPod Touches otherwise I'd use that. Help please?

    Instalous was the bleeped word. anyway I just used Greenpois0n and my Cydia refuses to work. Somebody please help me!
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    Installer is not around anymore, died out with 3.0 firmware.

    The other was "bleeped" out for a reason. Warez are against forum rules. You will find no help with that here.

    Nice, first a warez post, then a spam one lol. Thx for cleaning up Brooms
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    Hmmm this thread got mixed up
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    Serves me right for not closing it right away lol
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