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    A week or so ago, I used apptapp to install installer on my phone. After that, I installed a few other apps/games; summerboard and dock are running also. Afterwards, I noticed my email was no longer set. I assumed it was just part of installing installer and I would have to reset it.

    After setting my email up, I get the "account verified" notification, and it goes to the accounts screen (sometimes black/blank with "accounts" title at the top, sometimes white/lines with "accounts" title at the top). It never displays my email account though.

    If I hit the home key, then go back into email, it's as though I've never set it. I get the Yahoo, Gmail, .Mac, and AOL startup screen.

    I did a search and couldn't find anything so I hope this isn't a repeat question. I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer.

    Problem Solved. Thanks for nothing...err...I mean everything!!! <<<<joking of course.

    Something must have been corrupt on my sync profile (or whatever it's called). Doing a restore on the phone and setting up email before syncing to anything worked; if I synced my saved information, it would mess up. I had to set up my phone without using any of the saved sync information. Now everything works. I set up my email, I've got my contacts, and I've used apptapp to install installer. My email still works.
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    What if I say pretty please?
    2007-10-01 01:11 AM
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    I had the same problem. I solved it by simply deleting the accounts.plist file.
    The tool that I used to delete the file was "Finder" and the path of the file is as follows: Library/Mail/Accounts.plist
    2007-11-03 03:18 AM