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  1. manu08's Avatar
    Not sure if this is the correct forum, but if not, can a moderator please assign this thread to the appropriate forum?

    I have a 3GS currently jailbroken on 4.2.1, and I want to upgrade to 4.3.3 but I want to preserve some of the data from some of my apps, only the data. I don't need settings, springboard layout or any of that. I only need app data, that too from only 10-20 apps.

    I used to use AppBackup but that apparently no longer works with 4.3.x so I was looking for a different solution, if one exists.

    Any ideas?
    2011-05-07 07:55 AM
  2. bondkt's Avatar
    use ibye for appstore data.

    pkgbackup for cydia stuff.

    both work great on ios 4.3.3.

    sont pirate them otherwise they won't work. they are worth the$ u pay for saving hours of redoing and regaming for your device.

    with them i can go from xx fw to ff fw and be done and all in about 2h.... so worth it.
    2011-05-07 10:35 AM
  3. HeavyD4's Avatar
    There r 4 cydia apps i know of for cydia apps: package back-up, x-back up,apt back up and back to dev. The appstore apps u can use app back-up but just syncing ur phone 2 itunes u can add and remove the apps u want n even place them were u want. I hope thats the info u were looking 4 if not i appologize.
    2011-05-09 10:22 AM