1. Tyco22's Avatar
    I am trying to create a repository for my website that allows users to download more customizable things such as dialers, skins, etc.

    Here is a sample from my installer.xml that I have in testing right now. Every time I try to install the package it says it cannot find the host.

    			<string>Hot iPhone Dialers</string>
    			<string>A hot Jessica Alba dailer replacement.</string>
    			<string>Jessica Alba</string>
    The MD5 hash is correct and I have tried both the size on disk and regular size (converted to bits) and it still will not download.

    Any help would be great.
    2008-03-25 11:08 PM
  2. na3than's Avatar
    when inside the installer, just press the home button ( the square button below the screen ) and keep it pressed for more than 5 seconds. then it will go to home. ( pressing once will also take it to home. ) and then go into installer and then try downloading. THIS WORKED FOR ME IN 1.1.4 OTB
    2008-04-09 09:26 AM