1. sibrahim's Avatar
    so i just got my hands on an iphone 2 days ago. however im facing problems istalling apps onto it...i have managed to get installer.app on to the phone using apptap but when i open up installer.app and try to instal an app it gives me the error "download failed: can't find host" no clue wut to do..
    2007-10-09 02:01 PM
  2. mofolo's Avatar

    You need to make sure you have a Strong (All the bars) wifi connection.
    You can download via edge, but some times you might time-out (coz its slow) and you'll get the error.

    Best option, if you dont have a strong Wifi connection.
    Use Ibrickr. (www.ibrickr.com)

    Use the PXL deamon to install all the Install.app applications via your USB cable. Its free and very stable just like app tapp, except you need to do it over your phone.

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    2007-10-09 04:04 PM