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    just wanna share my experience to help others. If your like me then you should be able to follow my guide, if not I wouldn't try it. If you are
    AT&T (Locked)
    iPhone 16GB 2G
    2.0.2 JB winpwn 2.5
    iTunes 8
    Windows XP

    then just Shift+Restore and select your CFW,(I just plugged it up did not DFU or anything, but feel free if it doesn't work for you normally) I used iPhone1,1_2.1_5F136_Custom_Restore.ipsw (google) both I found unlocks so be careful.

    then set up as new (don't restore from backup)

    When it comes to SpringBoard you should see Cydia & Installer (I did and was able to open them) but I still went ahead and did the following steps from BigBoss

    Step 10) When it is finished the phone will reboot…Cydia and Installer will NOT be visible

    Step 11) Download TotalCommander and t-pot addon

    Step 12) Install TotalCommander and in the left pane navigate to T-PoT.1.1.zip and click on it. It will install t-pot automatically.

    Step 13) Download the mobileinstallation patch

    Step 14) Use Totalcommander to install patched mobileinstallation to /System/Library/PrivateFrameWorks/MobileInstallation.framework … clickon the dropdown box [-\-] top left and select network neighborhood then t-pot. Reme,ber to back up your original mobileinstallation first!

    Step 15) Still in TotalCommander delete /private/var/mobile/Library/Caches/com.apple.mobile.installation.plist

    Step 16) Reboot the phone and all is good!

    Well this worked for me hope it works for others. Without mistakes it took me about 10min to get to 2.1 JB & Unlocked even tho I didn't want too. O yeah your gonna have to make sure who & where you get your CFW from cuz both that I got unlock your iPhone.
    2008-09-16 03:57 AM
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    2008-09-17 12:01 AM