1. solojames's Avatar
    Customize isn't working in the Firmware 2.1.
    And it seems that the SpicyChickens isn't fixing it soon.
    Their home page is down too...

    Any one know anything about the Customize program & errors?
    2008-09-16 09:49 AM
  2. alantoo's Avatar
    i could never get customize with 2.0.1 or 2.0.2 the way it used to work with 1.1.4 so i just didnt bother installing for 2.1

    sucks cuz i really liked that program. o well, winterboard does the job for now
    2008-09-16 11:41 AM
  3. 461am's Avatar
    the customize website seems to be down too. http://www.customizeapp.com (that is the website, right?)
    2008-09-16 11:45 AM
  4. alantoo's Avatar
    yup. hmm maybe no more customize?
    2008-09-16 11:49 AM
  5. 461am's Avatar
    Hope not. I loved customize circa 1.1.4.
    2008-09-16 11:53 AM
  6. imbuggin's Avatar
    worked on 2.0.2 not on 2.1? for me
    2008-09-16 09:48 PM
  7. tattoojack's Avatar
    their website was thespicychicken.com but its down too. maybe he is goin appstore legit?
    2008-09-18 08:10 AM
  8. laz305's Avatar
    yeah this really sux for those of us that donate our monthly dollar, the least he can do is keep us in the loop. I mean is he gonna update it or not? cuz if not he needs to stop charging us then.
    2008-09-20 01:10 AM
  9. solojames's Avatar
    Customize web page is back up.....
    @ customizeapp.com

    Maybe Customize will get fixed soon...
    2008-09-20 10:59 AM
  10. theinc711's Avatar
    im glad i found this
    i thought it just wasnt working on my phone
    2008-09-20 11:58 PM
  11. KaRdOn's Avatar
    dont use or update customize 2.1 it is with full of bugs, i am facing lot of problem with it and i finally uninstall it, does any one know how to chage themes and other stuff with out customize?
    2008-09-21 08:23 AM
  12. anmiller07's Avatar
    Winterboard ^-^
    2008-09-21 07:19 PM
  13. solojames's Avatar
    The best thing about Customize is that you can change 1 icon at a time.
    And don't have to change everything at once, like you do with Winterboard.
    2008-09-23 12:32 AM