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    I recently found some rumours about a new iPhone nano and I personally think its a bit pointless but what does everyone else think???

    The current iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G screens are great for viewing pictures and videos with crystal clear quality but will it be as good with a screen half the size?, I dont think so.

    Check out the link below, real or fake?

    [IMG]iPhone Nano by Christmas? Or should the Daily Mail just be banned from Techmeme?[/IMG]
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    2008-09-24 09:48 PM
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    Fake obviously. And the Daily Mail sucks ***
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    2008-09-24 09:54 PM
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    2008-09-24 10:00 PM
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    lol, "iphone shuffle", all fake.

    but, i think there will definitely be a 32gb iphone in black/white by christmas.
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    2008-09-25 08:56 PM