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    Pardons if this was mentioned. Couldn't find in search.

    AppleInsider | Latest iPhone Software supports full-screen Web apps

    Latest iPhone Software supports full-screen Web apps

    By Sam Oliver
    Published: 12:00 PM EST

    One unpublicized feature introduced by Apple's latest iPhone software updates is the ability to save Web apps to the home screen and have them launch in full-screen mode without the Safari wrapper, essentially mimicking the experience of a native app.

    Clancy, an AppleInsider reader who brought the matter to our attention, believes the undocumented feature arrived as part of the most recent iPhone Software 2.1 update. He notes that the capability is only present in Web applications specifically authored to include the full-screen code.

    To illustrate the feature, he's created a demo application for iPhone users to try out. In order to trigger the full-screen mode, follow these steps:

    * Load the demo app in Safari on your iPhone
    * Hit the "+" button at the base of the Safari app
    * Select "Add to Home Screen"
    * Save the App to the Home Screen
    * Tap the icon that was just saved to your Home Screen
    * The demo App should load in full screen without the Safari wrapper.

    Once the app is loaded in full-screen, it behaves just like a native app acquired from the App Store, though it may perform slightly slower as all the resources and interface elements are being downloaded in real-time over the Internet.

    You can even pull the interface down like a native app without the Safari interface coming into play.
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    2008-10-05 08:25 AM
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    Ooh first...

    Sounds like apple is trying to take the integration of web based apps that are listed on their website better to possible dissuade the pursuit of "underground" alternatives
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...
    2008-10-06 05:03 PM
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    Unfortunately, these "webapps" save to the homescreen still cannot be used with the Categories software. I tried and although they appear in the Category folder I create they also show on the home screen as well. The few I tried to open within the Catergories folder did not work...they wouldn't open. If they did work and Poof could hide the "webapps" on the home screen then this would be nice to have.
    2008-10-06 06:00 PM
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    there is a whole list in mexico's page of undocumented all in spanish though. Things like the headphone mic if you click it 3 times when in ipod it goes to the previous track.
    2008-10-06 07:05 PM
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    so its a webapp without the safari wrapper? Big deal... lol
    Nice find though. I don;t really use webapps so I hadn;t noticed.
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    2008-10-06 07:11 PM