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    HELP iPhone 3G is not working anymore after updating with iTunes to 2.2 i tried pwnage2.2 tool to jailbeak and put the 2.1 firmware on i need to activate again and i cant cause i need a original sim card???? to get my iPhonescreen back...

    what can i do????
    2008-12-24 07:22 PM
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    Hi Rota

    ok i try it more detailed this time.

    I purchased an iPhone from uk and actually it was activated due an O2sim from uk..i could use my spanish moviestar sim with a Gevey-plus turbosim...all worked fine.....but then i made a mistake by updating my iPhone with iTunes to firmware 2.2

    Now my turbosim wont work anymore...only shortly my spanish moviestar provider was shown ...then no signal...

    so i started with Pwnagetool 2.2 to jailbreak....
    this didnt work so i started again and made ipsw 2.1 to do it with iTunes...and again it didnt work out....
    now i have the usb to iTunes CD symbol on my iPhone and trying to restore always reports an error in iTunes...all kinds.(1013...1015...1016)...(5)...(6)......the last was error(1)

    well in iTunes
    it is recognized and even the serialnumber of the phone is shown...not the software and the 8 GB...there is no info about....

    so i tried to activate it with quickpwn...but it wont recognize the iPhone...

    my friend i bought it from told me that i would need to activate it again with an original UK O2 sim he would send...but hes in India in the i need to wait for him to come back to the UK so that he can send the sim to me to spain...wich could take time....
    i hope you can help..
    2008-12-26 09:13 AM
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    Solved it with Quickpwn 2.2
    iPhone's back again...
    Now I have to wait for Dev. Crew
    to give the new Years Gifts...
    2008-12-29 10:15 AM
  4. shlim's Avatar
    2009-01-07 09:02 AM
  5. thirdear's Avatar
    Thanks,but i got it unlocked already with
    Yellowsn0w 0.95
    DevTeam Rocks!!!!!!!
    2009-01-12 08:05 AM