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    Found this on another website...have not tried it yet..link to download attached below.


    QuickFreedom is here! Previously known as QuickTether, QuickFreedom lets you jailbreak your iPod Touch 2G fully without booting and untethered!

    If you get any bugs or problems, please send me log.txt file located inside the QuickFreedom directory to [email protected]

    What is QuickFreedom?
    QuickFreedom is the first iPod touch 2nd Generation Untethered GUI program that allows you to quickly Jailbreak your iPod touch. QuickFreedom works on Windows XP and Vista (64-bit and Windows 7 also may work) QuickFreedom is the 1st "Untethered" GUI to support full jailbreak and boot logos. (This may also work on Mac using VMware, if iTunes is installed on that partition)

    Full Untethered Jailbreak!
    Easy to use 5-step process to Tether Jailbreak your 2.2.1 firmware iPod
    Support to use your own Custom Boot Logo (or use included 8)
    Support to install Installer optionally (Cydia will always be installed)
    Full DFU instructions for Pre-Jailbreak
    iPod recognition of current connection state
    Full Support
    100% Free

    1g: 8g-3.2-Jailbroken
    2g: 8g-3.2-Jailbroken
    2g: touch 8g-2.2.1-Unteathered Jailbroken
    2009-03-11 05:04 PM