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    After over 6 months of their official app store status being "in review" it appears as though The MUCH ANTICIPATED Voip app, iCall, has been raced with apple's approval. iCall received an email from apple today. It did not include much information other than the app status has updated from "in review" to "for sale". It is not clear when the app will actually hit the app store, but I would assume it to be available in the coming days so keep your eyes peeled.
    This release is somewhat of a double edged sword as the app that apple is FINALLY releasing was built for an OS that is over 6 months old. iCall is already preparing an update to submit to apple for the new OS, and the team is gearing up to support it's new iPhone customer base. The app will be free, but I am not sure what the formal pricing structure will be as far as the service goes. There was talk of an option for users to choose from that was either a prepaid plan, or a flat monthly rate, either option was WAY cheaper than ANY other Voip service, and WAY cheaper than AT&Ts overage charges. Not to mention the ability to use you phone tomake calls safely aboard wifi enabled planes, and hospitals (and other places normal cell phone use is usually strictly prohibited, but wifi is allowed).

    Visit iCall's facebook fanpage here for more info:
    iCall | Facebook

    ICall is here!!!!
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    icall = amazing i am pumped
    2009-03-25 04:29 AM

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