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    Chicago based managed web-hosting provider today announced the release of their mobile portal specifically for iPhone. SingleHop is focused on giving their customers as much control as possible over their servers. This dedication has lead them to produce groundbreaking products like LEAP where customers control their servers through a desktop-like web interface; and now LEAPMobile where they have all the power and functionality of LEAP but accessible from a mobile phone like Android, BlackBerry and iPhone also.

    The robust application allows customers to:

    • Control their servers. They can reboot, view bandwidth graphs and hardware details.
    • Control their billing. They can see current and previous invoices, pay invoices, or submit billing questions.
    • Control Support. They can submit priority or normal tickets and securely interact with technical support.

    SingleHop is focused on giving customers unprecedented levels of control and LEAPMobile is a continuation of this effort. SingleHop’s, VP of Operations, Andy Pace mentioned “LEAPMobile allows our customers to have the same level of control over their servers through a mobile device as they would on their desktop through LEAP. Not only are we giving our customers tremendous control over our servers, we even give them control over which device they choose to control their servers from”.

    About SingleHop, Inc.

    SingleHop, Inc., is a full service managed dedicated hosting provider that was founded on the principal of providing reliable, cost-effective dedicated services. The company was founded by Zak Boca and Dan Ushman in 2006 and currently hosts thousands of websites worldwide. SingleHop Competitors include: SoftLayer, ThePlanet, FastServers, and RackSpace. The cornerstone of Single Hop's managed hosting is the à la Carte Server Management Program, which is a full-array of transparent management services designed and tested to allow business customers to tailor their level of support to their needs or expertise. Dedicated Servers & Managed Dedicated Server Hosting by SingleHop
    2009-03-26 08:18 PM