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    Previously while at work I have found a resource on the web that now provides support to download the full 3.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch. The UDID's for the developer program is also available for not only $100 dollars, but for $5 from an inside source.

    The link will not be provided unless approved by the ModMyi.com staff.
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    Steven Myers
    2009-04-06 08:37 PM
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    Is it a non-beta?
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    2009-04-06 08:43 PM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    3.0 Beta is not intended for public release and any copy not distributed directly from Apple to an authorized developer is pirated software. Thank you for not linking. 2.0 went through nine (9) BETA versions so I highly doubt this is the finished product.
    2009-04-06 08:43 PM
  4. reeko's Avatar
    3.0 has been leaked since beta 1. There is no way this is 'news' to you ..... surely.

    And all that an 'inside source' need be is a registered developer willing to sell his spare UDID slots for $5.
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    2009-04-06 08:51 PM