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    Now wouldn't it be cool if we could charge our phones with the beat of our hearts? Technology is such a cool thing today and interesting at that! Scientists have discovered ways of making electricity by converting low frequency vibrations like simple body movements, the beating of your heart or movement of the wind into energy. Just think! No more worrying about your phones battery!

    With this discovery you could charge your iPod, iPhone or Blackberry with a wave of your hand. (Kinda reminds me of being like Bewitched!) The findings could be also be used for environmental monitoring.

    This is what takes place.... the vibrations from the movement is converted into electricity using zinc oxide nanowires. The nanowires generate an electric current when subjected to mechanical stress.

    The nanowires can be grown on a wide range of surfaces including metals, ceramics, polymers and fabrics and researchers believe this discovery could be used by the military as well to generate electricity for sensors and communication devices when they are far from energy sources.

    One feels that the nanowires reminded him/her of metal whiskers or zinc whiskers, a data enter manager's worst enemy. They are tiny hairs that grow spontaneously on metal surfaces and can cause short circuits.

    Zinc whiskers have been responsible for increased system failure rates in computer server rooms. Zinc whiskers grow from galvanized (electroplated) metal surfaces at a rate of up to 1 mm per year with a diameter of a few micrometres. Whiskers can form on the underside of zinc electroplated floor tiles on raised floors due to stresses applied when walking over them; and these whiskers can then become airborne within the floor plenum when the tiles are disturbed, usually during maintenance. Whiskers can be small enough to pass through air filters and can settle inside equipment, resulting in short circuits and system failure.

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    But my heart belongs to someone else. Does this mean she could charge me for the electricity?
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
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    But my heart belongs to someone else. Does this mean she could charge me for the electricity?
    LOL how sweet! Well she could charge you as much as she would like to or as much as you would like her to....
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