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    Apple has just announced that if you buy a mac and are in school you will also get a free iPod Touch with your purchase. Here is Apples exact words. Take advantage of the offer at www.apple.com

    If you’re a college student or a faculty or staff member at any grade level and you buy a new Mac before September 8, you can get a free iPod touch.* No wonder they call these the best years of your life.
    This offer is also pointing towards the next generation release of the iPod Touch. I say that because with this offer it looks like Apple is trying to get rid of their iPod touch stock. The ending date of this offer is September 8, which is around the time when Apple released the previous generations of the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch 1st Gen was released on September 5, 2007. Then the 2nd Gen was released on September 9, 2009, and now it looks like the 3rd Gen will be released around the same time.
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    2009-05-27 08:47 PM
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    Edited for correct terminology. "3G" generally refers to cell phone data speed... not 3rd generation device so I just made a couple minor edits.
    2009-05-27 09:07 PM
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    Ok thanks, I will fix it on my blog also
    2009-05-27 09:13 PM
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    We will wait and see. September is so far away.
    2009-05-27 09:18 PM
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    Yes September is a long way away, but if it follows the pattern of the 1st Gen. and 2nd Gen. release it should be around that time.
    2009-05-27 09:20 PM
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    If you look at Apple's history of the iPod they release a new generation every 2 years like clockwork. It's almost a guarantee.
    2009-05-27 09:26 PM
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    Every 2? I thought it was every year.
    2009-05-27 09:29 PM
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    You're right... click the link and scroll toward the bottom... cool chart of all the iPods ever.

    [ame=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPod]iPod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]
    2009-05-27 09:32 PM
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    iPod touch new generation release dates so far have been every year in early september
    2009-05-27 09:43 PM
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    Very possible. Cant wait to see
    2009-05-28 09:24 AM
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    I thought that was a given - a new iPhone in June/July followed by a new iPod Touch in September but I'm not sure why this is in the iPhone section?
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    2009-05-28 09:28 AM
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    confrimed camera, and 16/32/64/128 size
    2009-07-10 06:00 AM
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    A 128Gig iPod touch would be great. I know I'd get one even though i have all three iPhone models. The only ipod i have is an ipod classic 120Gig. None of the other models have enough room on them. I want something i can put ALL my media on and not have to pick and choose because of limited space.
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    2009-07-10 09:03 PM