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    Yes, that's right. Tether a new 3Gs! I can't believe it worked and it seems to work perfectly, WITHOUT jailbraking the phone. I just got the phone the other day and have done nothing to it except this. (I found this by searching how to access the internet with an unlocked 2G phone on T-mobile). The coverage of AT&T for these phones SUCK out and about but if you have one, you love them and know what I mean.

    I have no idea if there are any repercussions to this or not but it works well. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I ASSUME NOTHING!

    Screen shots will follow each step.....

    On the phone, go to unlockit.co.nz

    Press CONTINUE

    Press on CUSTOM APN

    Change the V3 Tethering + MMS to YES and the Carrier to US-AT&T (in my case. Put your country and carrier here). After you do that the rest of the lines fill in themselves


    Press INSTALL

    Press REPLACE. Type your lock code if you have one set up. After it's done you get the final screen that says the Profile Installed.

    Press DONE


    Turn on Internet Tethering

    Pick your method. I used USB since my laptop doesn't have Bluetooth.
    I just plugged in via the USB and it was done. Nothing needed to be done on the computer. When you're done, just disconnect the USB tethering is terminated.

    Proof (both WIFI and 3G):

    Hope it works and nothing comes back to bite anyone in the butt!
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    I lost my internet tethering on my phone. How can I get it back?
    2009-08-16 08:40 PM
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    This has been done along time ago, was on front page as well

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    2009-08-16 08:46 PM
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    Old news, looks like a clone of benm(?).

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