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    How To Change Your Iphones numeric Passcode to an alphanumerical Passcode,

    I used my 3g but I see no reason why it would'nt work on all Iphones.

    To start you'll need to download iPhone Configuration Utility from HERE (Windows but I'm sure its available for Mac as its made by Apple).

    Once downloaded instal it then open it:

    You will need to click on Configoration Profiles in the left column, then click new/Add (top left).

    In the second column you will only need to look at General and Passcode.

    After you've clicked Add you'll need to go to General there you'll need to name it(whatever you like) and then fill in the identifier I used the same name in both. then check if security is set to always, this allows it to be removed/unistalled from within Settings.

    Now go to Passcode you'll need to check the first 3 tick boxes, 1) Require Passcode on Device. 2) Allow simple value. 3) Require alphanumeric value. I left everything else set to 0 or None exept for the last one "Maximum number of failed attempts". I set mine to 7.

    Thats it. now export it, to somewhere you can easily find it I exported mine to my Desktop, leave the security set to None:

    Now email the file to yourself, Remember to send it to the email address that you use on your iphone, as you'll be installing it from there. (if you installed mobile confige file for Internet tethering you will have seen this before & it has no negative effects having the 2 cofig files installed). It shows as 2 prfiles installed in Settings >General >Profiles. Or just 1 Profile installed if you haven't installed "Internet Tethering".

    Now check your email on iphone, click on the attatchment, it will ask you for a Passcode twice (REMEMBER to Remember the Passcode you use)and install. Now you can lock your phone with a proper password. You can also view your new Password Policy and uninstall it from within Settings >General >Profiles.

    Or you could just install the one I made Download Here I think this should work fine but use mine at your own risk. Anyone want to try

    Hope you liked.

    P.S. No Jailbraik needed.

    For larger pics got to: 4shared.com - free file sharing and storage
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    I tried your file it worked!!!!

    2009-07-31 06:00 AM
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    It works well, but Ive since found out that with my previous congiguration the Passcode expired every 24 hours. this can easily be put right by changing one of the setting to 730 days instead of leaving it on 0. Changing it to 730 means the passcode will expire every 2 years.

    Changing your Passcode every 24 hours is verry safe but possibly too safe, I found this out after changing my passcode every day for a week and forgetting the new one, one day, I was lucky as I remembered on the last attempt before locking my phone down.

    Interesting thing is after 4 failed attempts I was locked out for 1 minuite, after 2 more failed attemps I was locked out for 5 minuites and then I got it right on my 7th azttempt.

    I'm happy you liked though
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    Which setting ? Is it the " maxPinAgeInDays"
    2009-08-02 09:46 PM
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    Without looking I'd say yes, It should give an example next to it which says (1 - 730 or 0) or something very simular

    Hope that helps. If not post back and I'll boot up my main machine and take a look for you.


    Its "Max Passcode Age"
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