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    Ive just purchased the new download manager in Cydia ($2) and am very happy with it, its an extension for Safari so no new icons hogging precious space.

    It allows you to have several downloads on the go at any one time and handles downloads in a much better way than what has been available. The Safari plug in has certainly filled a gap and I for one couldn't have lived without it but this is definately the way to go and the way it should be done.

    From within Settings> Safari Download Manager> you can choose what file types you want to download and even ad file types like .ipa files etc... If you choose not to download a spercific file type Mobile Saffari will deal with as it would have.

    It probably wants a couple of updates to perfect it, but its definately one of the beter apps/extensions available.

    Its a shame its not free, not because I'm tight (I've already bought it) but because every body who is Jailbrole should have this, and that just wont happen (to many cheapskates).

    On the other hand I can see developers putting that little extra work in (not that they don't already), knowing they can get paid for there extra efforts even if its only a couple of dollars per download. I think this is starting to transpire with the new apps that are starting to appeer in the Cydia Store.

    All I need now is Backgrounder to enable list view for FW 3xx and I'll be happy as Larry.

    Check it out I think its a great ad on.
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    I cannt understand why no one else seems to be pleased with or even slightly interested in "Safari Download Manager"

    I think that mobile Safari was very poor with the way it handled (or didn't handle) Downloads.

    Safari Plug In was a great tweak but this App/Extension is far more advanced and brings the Iphone a step closer to being an excellent mobile computer.

    I'd like to say thanks to the Devs for doing a great job, and addressing a real problem in a cool and non obtrusive way.

    Great work.

    I'm Surprised no one else seems that interested
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    Thank you sooo much for explaing to me/us how this works. i will be getting this now. one question do i have to uninstall my safari downloader plugin and install this now or can i have both and how would that work?
    2009-08-04 10:38 PM
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    I had both installed but the download manager overroad the Safari Plug in, I've since uninstaled the Safari Plug in as its no longer used/needed.
    2009-08-04 11:28 PM
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    Another question i have is how will i be able to watch what i download or stream? Reason why is cause i used dtunes and that is how i watched what i downloaded. Mainly because they showup in this app to watch( i wish there was another way).
    2009-08-04 11:35 PM