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  1. ixbilalxi's Avatar
    I can honestly say that so far, Tom Tom seems to be the winner. UI is really nice and simple. The POI works great and voice nav is really good.
    2009-08-17 05:24 PM
  2. eaglesteve's Avatar
    TomTom iPhone can work nicely without its optional hardware.

    The GPS reception varies from software to software. I find Sygic to be just as good as any of my winmo GPS, if not better. Sygic's GPS reception was quite bad in the first version. It got a lot better with the current version, and Sygic says it will improve even more with the next version. So, definitely it is not just the hardware, but also the software which determines the strength and stability. Navigon is having some problem during my tests. Not sure about Copilot but many people reported problem with it too. Sygic promised to improve the GPS signal even more in its next release.

    Until this morning, Sygic was my favourite, but I know TomTom has already replaced that position, after looking at the information so far. UI just as good as Navigion's in my opinion. A lot more functionalities. I certainly like TT's navigation screen a lot more than Navigon's. You can read the road name easily, and all the main information are available without having to touch the top and bottom bar to rotate through those info.


    I've been playing around with it for the last few hours and driving around with it. This is my first impressions:

    1. No abiliity to warn that you're approaching a school. This surprised me, and it had always been possible in my winmo TomTom, so I had assumed that it would be the same. Not so. Now I feel that I no longer can rely on it to remind me to check if it is school hours and if so slow down to 40kph.
    2. There is no audio warning for overspeeding!!!!! WTF! Only visual warning is available. This is not what the product description says. It says there would be both visual and audio warning. Is this a bug? Is there a hidden setting that I have failed to switch on?
    3. So far, I have seen no evidence of a lane assistant appearing yet. Perhaps more test is needed to confirm this. Anyone has a view on this after testing?

    1. Best user interface I have seen.
    2. Road speed limit as complete as Sygic's. However, the red light database does not include one red light near by house, whereas Sygic's does.
    3. It differentiates between red light and speed camera and shows a different sign on the screen; whereas Sygic shows the same icons for both. I would have prefered it using a different sound for audio warning, but TT iPhone seems to be using the same warning sound for both types of cameras.
    4. Excellent trip simulation and advanced planning. Have not tried planning for multiple destinations yet though.
    5. I'm able to use it without setting a destination. The speed monitoring, red light/speed camera warning all works as if I'm having a destination. Of course, the overspeeding warning is still only visual, with no audio warning.

    When I did my first run, for some reason the cursor position kept jumping about and failed to stick to the road. It also seems to lose its orientation. The strange thing is this never happen again when I did the subsequent tests.

    Now to be honest, I'm a little disappointed. Perhaps my expectation for TomTom was high, especially when the price is so expensive. If only Sygic uses the standard keyboard and let us zoom the map the standard way, I would stay with Sygic. Now I'm torn.
    2009-08-18 05:48 AM
  3. StealthBravo's Avatar
    ^ thanks for the review. None of the navigation apps are exactly what I want. So far Navigon is my favorite.
    2009-08-18 06:23 AM
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