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    Folks over at MacNN have a blurb about the Apple store and streamlining purchases
    'iPhone Activation Zones' to grace Apple Stores? | MacNN

    I read this and turned red as this past weekend I went to my local Apple store to get Snow Leopard. Here is what I think of the Apple store (not just from this last visit).

    I always hate it when I have to go to the Apple store, I am not going to drink the kool-aid, join the cult, become a fanboy or looking to hang out. I know what I want and would like to pick it off the shelf (usually software) and pay for it. Instead I have to try and get one of the orange/pink/blue whatever shirts (as I said I'm not a fan boy so no clue what the different colored shirts mean, hint to Apple what ever you are trying to convey you failed) to break out of the social discussion they are having so I can PAY and leave.

    Whoever thought up the design (I'm talking about how customers are served) is the BIGGEST idiot on the planet. It's a business, you want to SELL stuff and get the MONEY. Divide the store into thirds, (1)social club (people that don't buy anything but hang out so they look cool), (2) a place for people that need help in a buying decision (important people they are going to spend $) and (3) last third for folks who have been Apple customers for a long time (ones that have kept the company in business all these years) and know what they want and would like to get it,pay and leave.

    Apple take the Marketing idiot out of Sales, ads are where you do marketing, stores are were you sell stuff.
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    I don't drink kool-Aid, I don't join cults.
    This is why I break out in cold sweat going to Apple retail store.
    2009-09-14 11:43 PM