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    I didn's see that this had been posted anywhere and thought it was interesting so forgive me if it is old news.

    You will notice that the iPhone is not listed as an OS supported by this new product.

    What's On Your Phone?
    Your closest friends. Your chance encounters. Your hilarious messages. Your upcoming plans. Your unbelievable experiences. Your had-to-be-there moments. Your life – your phone goes with you everywhere!

    mIQ takes the content on your phone and automatically pushes it to a private account on the web. From that point on, what you do on the phone will instantly update on the web and what you do on the web will instantly update on your phone – without you having to ever think about it.

    This makes it effortless for you to:

    Backup your phone
    Never lose your must-have information again! With mIQ , your contacts, text messages, calendar events, call log, photos, videos, and voicemail messages automatically upload – as they happen – and are safely backed-up on your private web account. After all, when’s the last time you’ve been prepared to drop your phone in a swimming pool?

    Access and interact – on the web
    Whether you’re at work in front of your computer, in an airport after your phone battery has just died, or traveling in a country with no service – your content is just a web browser click away. mIQ ’s desktop-like web experience allows you to send and receive text messages, manage your contacts, schedule new calendar events, view and edit your photos and videos, listen to your voicemail, track your phone usage, configure your phone settings, and do all sorts of other things – from anywhere, without ever having to even pick up your phone! A big screen and a computer keyboard can be very nice.

    Share your experiences
    You just captured a completely ridiculous photo. How would you go about texting it to your closest friends, e-mailing it to your parents, uploading it to all of the social sites you use, and updating your status so that people could hear about what happened? mIQ automatically uploads your photos, videos, and status updates to the web, making it easy for you to share with the people you care about and the social sites you use to stay connected with them.

    Restore your phone content
    Changing phones doesn’t have to be such a headache. Losing your phone doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. Simply add mIQ to your new phone and watch as your contacts, calendar, and web favorites automatically appear.

    here is a link to the site with all the features listed.
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    this is a step in the right direction for other phones but Mobile Me is a better solution. The "Track my iPhone" feature is impeccable
    2009-10-05 10:32 PM
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    yeah there is a lot missing from what mobile me offers but if i were anything other than an iPhone user i would love it.

    i was trying to count the reasons why the iPhone is not supported

    1. Apple would not allow the app as it competes with something they offer.
    2. Even if Apple approved it would not be worth anything as it can not run in the back ground.
    3. Best Buy knows better than to do anything to prevent them from getting Apples business like competing with them. i do not know about all Best Buy's but where i live the Apple section is the biggest glowing area of the store and then the other computers are behind the big black Apple screen.

    im sure there are many more
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    "i believe louisiana is the pelican state"
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