1. splodger15's Avatar

    I've got a few questions regarding the iPad ,

    Will iWork work with it I think it's called iWork anyway?

    Will I be able to print from it somehow?

    General reason being is that I start university in September so something like this would be handy to carry around to and from lectures and be able to print whereever whenever.


    2010-01-28 10:23 AM
  2. Simtech's Avatar
    2010-01-28 03:59 PM
  3. splodger15's Avatar
    Doesn't answer whether I can print directly from the device
    2010-01-28 06:28 PM
  4. Clem-Clone's Avatar
    Doesn't answer whether I can print directly from the device
    HP and Lexmark, 2 I know of, allow wireless printing from the iPhone to their printers.
    I suspect there will be more, and I also suspect there will be a generic type way to access printers, not hat iWork is enabled for the iPad
    2010-01-28 06:34 PM
  5. Poseidon79's Avatar
    You are working on a modified iPhone OS which uses App Store apps. If you can find an app that allows you to print from your iPhone then you can bet it will work on the iPad.
    2010-01-28 06:47 PM
  6. lolcats1's Avatar
    iwork, i'm gonna say no. remember, this isn't supposed to be useful, just snazzy.
    2010-01-28 10:58 PM
  7. pojo644's Avatar
    iwork, i'm gonna say no. remember, this isn't supposed to be useful, just snazzy.
    You can purchase iwork for $30, or $9.99 per app.
    2010-01-29 12:00 AM
  8. lolcats1's Avatar
    You can purchase iwork for $30, or $9.99 per app.
    good luck with that keyboard.
    2010-01-29 12:15 AM
  9. MileHiPhone's Avatar
    good luck with that keyboard.
    You can use your bluetooth keyboard or get the Apple iPad keyboard dock. Or you can wait and see what its like to actually type on the built in virutal keyboard!
    2010-01-29 12:42 AM
  10. Clem-Clone's Avatar
    For the price and the uselessness of the iPad, you'd be MUCH better off picking up a nice netbook or CULV laptop for your classes. Both will be just fine for taking notes and will print over wireless if the printers support it.

    Couple examples:

    12.1" Dual Core Atom netbook with nVidia ION graphics, 250GB HDD, full size keyboard, etc: $484 shipped

    Amazon.com: ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1201N-PU17-BK 12.1-Inch Black Netbook - 5 Hours of Battery Life: Electronics

    12.1" CULV Laptop with high ratings: $550 shipped

    Amazon.com: ASUS UL20A-A1 Thin and Light 12.1-Inch Silver Laptop - 7.5 Hours of Battery Life (Windows 7 Home Premium): Electronics

    Another similar CULV for $550:

    Amazon.com: MSI X340 218US - Core 2 Solo SU3500 / 1.4 GHz CULV - RAM 2 GB - HDD 320 GB - GMA 4500MHD - Gigabit Ethernet - WLAN : Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, 802.11b/g/n (draft) - Windows 7 Home Premium - 13.4" Widescreen TFT 1366 x 768 ( WXGA ) - camera - bla

    Basically, you can get an extremely capable, well-built machine for the same price point, and actually be able to be productive with it rather than have a giant overpriced iPod Touch.

    The choice is yours.

    buut, but, it's WINDOWS!
    plus I'd hafta ger MS Office for WINDOWS!

    2010-01-29 03:34 PM
  11. dale2's Avatar
    Dell netbooks are in the same price range, and they run snow leopard WITHOUT any modification. or you can order it with windows 7 pre loaded the choice is yours they both work well.
    2010-01-29 09:32 PM
  12. Clem-Clone's Avatar
    So you'll take looks over function? If you want a computer in this price point that's actually USEABLE, it's not going to be a Mac. Also, you can Hackintosh any of these just fine and dandy. Don't be an Apple nut-swinger.
    I've worked in a PC/Mac Office for 5 years. Most our WORK computers are Macs. We only use PC's to program PLC's. ALL other BUSINESS is run from Macs, including servers, domains, etc., etc.
    I'm not looking to replace my laptop or iphone, just something I can use for web-surfing, email, photos, videos thats a bit bigger than the iPhone, and less clunky than a laptop (Yes, I have both, Win-lap, and a MBPro)
    One of the guys hasa dell-something netbook, and it's crap, he uses it just like an iPad, and the screen/keyboard are horrendous.

    I think the iPad will work just fine, thank you.

    Oh, and my nuts are secure too.
    2010-01-29 09:53 PM
  13. kylen721's Avatar
    but what about getting something because you want it? I had been thinking about getting a netbook but am glad that the iPad will fit the bill for what I would use a netbook for anyway

    the iPad is a really cool device and with a bluetooth keyboard or the dock it would be great for note taking and paper writing for college. Sure it won't be replacing a laptop completely, but I wish I would have had something like this to take to classes while I was in college rather than lugging around my laptop.
    2010-01-30 05:21 AM