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    I was totally dead-on with most of my predictions regarding the iPad.

    No applause necessary...

    ... okay okay, applause.


    The only thing I was off on was the name, I didn't think Apple would call it iPad due to it being too similar to iPod.

    Just wanted to get that out there to solidify my awesomeness in predictive capabilities when the iPhone 4G rolls around.

    jk... =P

    EDIT: Man, I should've named this thread "K.Nitsua was right". And yes, I am also part of the so evident disappointed MAJORITY in regards to the iPad. I just hope Apple really does something innovative in the iBookstore sector of it's new product. THAT, I believe, will be the make or break for the device as a "SERIOUS" game-changer.

    EDIT2: Just wanted to make it clear - I'm TOTALLY joking about the inflated ego. I mean, come on, do you see the name "Manic Nimrod" next to my avatar? No, didn't think so =P
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    Haha manic
    2010-01-28 10:30 PM
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    lol this is a useful forum
    2010-01-28 10:51 PM