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    Hi i all, i live in the UK and i am very excited about the iPad, i know the DEV team will jailbreak it within a couple of weeks of the release lol.

    But i am wondering i have heard the price in the UK, will be 399 but if i bought the iPad from america for $499 for the 16gb, it would work out cheaper, the only question is, would it still work over here in the uk, with the wifi signal and such?

    Im not bothered about the 3g, because i have 2 iphones lol so thats not an issue i just want one.

    Thanks in advance for your response.
    2010-01-30 12:26 PM
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    No pricing has been announced yet for the UK, but the UK Apple site is showing details of the iPad www.apple.com/uk/ipad where you can register for updates on the iPad,according to the site it will be released in the UK at the same time as the USA,hope this helps.
    2010-01-30 02:08 PM
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    thanks alot mate.
    2010-01-30 04:13 PM
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    Im pretty sure theyre all being developed as unlocked GSM devices, so I assume that the version that works in the US would also work on any other GSM network anywhere else...
    2010-01-30 04:49 PM
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    The answer to this is.....


    The iPad has yet to be approved by the Federal Communications Commission, and so cannot legally sold in the United States until it has.
    2010-01-30 10:32 PM
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    I wrote a blog on how to do this

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    2010-02-01 11:27 AM