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    The iPad sounds like it could be great but I have some concerns about it's uses. I am asking to find out if these items are or will be included in the new iPad. Please use the number assigned to each one when answering. Thank you.
    1- If surfing the Internet is fully functional, why isn't FLASH working on Safari?
    2- Is a GPS included in the iPad?
    3- If "all 140,000 apps will run on the iPad" then how will apps work that require the use of a
    camera? (like bar code readers, etc)
    4- If I sync the calendar and address book on the iPad will I be able to also sync the data on my
    iPhone also?
    5- If iTunes is resident on the iPad, then can I sync my iPhone using the iPad?
    6- Can other types of books (free from Gutenberg, etc.) be read on the iBook application or do
    all have to be purched from the iBook store?
    7- Will there be a Filer program on the iPad so that we can work with files on it?
    8- How many apps can be stored on the iPad?
    9- Can we transfer files to the iPad via USB or a flash drive?
    10- Will there be a text editor program so that we can edit html programs?
    11- Will there be a way to execute html programs from a Filer type of program?
    12- Is FTP possible on the iPad?
    13- Will the USB adapter be useable for any type of USB hardware device?
    14- Can a small USB camera be used like is available for Palm Pilots, etc?
    15- If I am using the iWorks (word processor) software, can I access and save those files on the iPad as well as a portable hard drive?
    16- Could I use a bluetooth mouse with the iPad?
    17- If I have purchased an app on my iPhone, can I use it on my iPad or do I have to purchase 2
    18- Will we be able to arrange apps in folders by subjects we assign so that they will be easier
    to locate?
    19- Is there multitasking in iPad?
    20- Can I print from the iPad to any type of printer?
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    2010-01-31 12:32 AM
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    17- If I have purchased an app on my iPhone, can I use it on my iPad or do I have to purchase 2

    That is a big one for me!
    2010-01-31 04:53 PM
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    1. Jobs doesn't like it and wants to see the internet move away from it
    2. 3G versions are listed to have A-GPS like the iPhone 3gs has
    3. Almost all 140,000 apps work on this device
    4. You can sync the same data to your iPhone and your iPad
    5. you can not sync your iphone to your iPad
    16. I highly doubt you can use a mouse with a touch based OS it wouldn't even know what to do with a mouse
    17. From everything I have read and from the keynote it looks like your purchased apps will transfer over fine to the iPad
    18. No folders since it is running essentially iPhone OS
    19. Nope
    20. any type of printer? probably not, but it seems like there will be printing options (since the app store has printing options for the phone)
    2010-02-01 06:04 AM