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    Griffen is even on the ball with their iPad cases. So far I like their Elan Passport case. Its slim and one piece, opens like a book, the inner cover includes card pockets and it has a soft grey microsuede interior as well. $49.99

    On their site none of the cases have prices yet due to they are all coming soon... please make note of it at this time.

    They also carry the Elan Sleeve (coming soon) for anyone that is interested in this type of protection. This case just slips right over your iPad and protects it from dirt, dust and scratches. The tab closure secures it as well. Only color I see is black. No price listed at this time because its coming soon.

    They are also going to be selling their FlexGrip case which is a silicone skin for the iPad. Looks like the colors they will be carrying is blue, white, black and purple. No price listed on the site yet because its coming soon as well...

    They also have their Jumper neoprene sleeve that is tough and stretches and its pull tab tucks over the opening for 100 percent coverage to protect your iPad. No price on site as coming soon also.

    And they will be carrying a Screen Care Kit for the iPad as well. The included premium cleaning cloth removes smudges, dust and fingerprints without messy liquids, and without scratching your screen. Then smooth on lasting protection with a static peel screen protector to keep grit and dust away from your touchscreen. Matte finish minimizes fingerprints and cuts down on screen glare. No price on site yet coming soon also.

    Griffin Technology: Solutions for iPad
    2010-01-31 03:14 AM
  2. BRKA's Avatar
    they look good when i get mine i might have to snag these..
    2010-02-01 07:09 AM