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    Like most of the tech world, I was highly anticipating the announcement of an Apple tablet. However, unlike most of the tech world, I am very excited about the iPad and will definitely be purchasing at least one.

    Every blog I have read, from Engadget, to some amateur's Wordpress blog, have been doing nothing but slamming the iPad.

    So why am I still so set on buying this? Well, I have a few reasons for my excitement, the main reason is that this device will fit my primary computing needs... browsing the web, reading news, watching movies, listening to music, and keeping myself entertained on trips.

    My other reason is that the complaints most people had about this device (that I care about anyways) won't matter if this device can be jailbroken.

    First, possibly the biggest complaint I have heard, the lack of flash. People are saying that without flash you can't play online games and you can't watch video. As far as the games go, with the app store, that doesn't matter, you have thousands of games to choose from. As far as video streaming... there are sites optimized for the iphone, and... if this device can be jailbroken, there is an app that lets you download the video being streamed to your device.

    Second, the lack of multitasking. There is already an app for this on the iPhone and iPod touch, so I don't see multitasking on the iPad being a problem if the device can be jailbroken. What I'm really excited about though, is something Apple showed during the keynote. The iPad can run traditional app store apps in two ways; pixel for pixel accurate (black boxed), or pixel-doubled (full screen). Imagine this concept applied to multitasking, you could run four (possibly more) apps all at the same time on separate iPhone sized screens that would be tiled on the iPad, and you can use the "2x" button to make the app full screen. You could be writing a paper, looking up info on the web, and listening to pandora, all at the same time.

    Lastly, is the lack of external ports. With the Apple USB port, this shouldn't be a factor. If Mophie can make a credit card reader, complete with app, for the iPhone, I think the jailbreaking community can come up with some apps to make that USB port do some pretty amazing things

    Anther noted con of this device was the lack of camera (iSight, or rear camera) but honestly, unless you plan on holding the iphone 3 feet in front of your face, video conferencing would be impossible anyways. And I don't foresee a device this size being used as a camera.
    2010-02-09 07:32 AM