1. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    Just watching "the modern family" and saw the ipad mentioned

    Phil: well, gotta hit the sack, big Saturday tomorrow

    wife:that's right, tomorrows your birthday

    Phil: not just that. The ipad comes out on my actual birthday. It's like Steve Jobs and GOd got together to say, " we love you Phil"

    Wife: what's so great about that doohicky anyway?

    Phil: doohicky? It's movie theatre, a linrary, and a music store all rolled into one awsome, uh, pad

    daughter: blah blah

    Phil: I better load the beach chair into the trunk, I'm going to need it for the line in the morning

    it goes on a little, I haven't watched the rest yet but I'm sure there will be some sort of fiasco with getting his ipad
    2010-04-01 03:12 AM
  2. Cer0's Avatar
    The iPhone came out on my b-day. My family knows I love tech devices so I was getting calls everytime one of them saw a commercial asking if I was getting it on my b-day.
    2010-04-01 03:17 AM
  3. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    Well, his wife told him she would
    go get it but she fell back asleep on the couch and
    they were sold
    out by the time
    she got there....
    2010-04-01 03:27 AM
  4. z3r01's Avatar
    i just had a conversation and mentioned the iPad

    person: what are you doing?

    z3r01: reading on the oPad

    personoo thats nice

    z3r01: i know
    2010-04-01 03:32 AM
  5. Effenpig!'s Avatar
    ^you have one already?

    So his son ends up finding one at the last minute. What was neat was it had a birthday cake with candles and he was able to blow on the screen and blow them out. I wonder if that's an actual app or not?
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    2010-04-01 03:49 AM