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    my concept for video chat just got even better!
    at fist i was thinking about using a usb camera kit and see if u can connect a camera but now this app here:

    App Shopper: CAMERA-A (Photography)


    \Camera for iPad CAMERA-A

    Unfortunately iPad does not have Camera.
    ✔You wanna take picture with iPad beautiful big screen?
    ✔Have you ever thought that it would be great if you can see the image from the place you put your camera when taking a picture?

    Well, here is a solution!

    ➠You need free iPhone APP CAMERA-B to use this APP.
    ➠Turn bluetooth ON on both device,or connect both device to a same WiFi network.

    -How to Use-
    It's really simple, just launch APP on iPhone and iPad.
    It automatically connect each other and start transfer live view images from iPhone to iPad.
    (Transmission is take place between two devices)
    There is also a innovative zoom functionality.
    You can pan and tilt a view without moving iPhone.

    You can put iPhone at a place where you want to take a picture from, and bring iPad with you where you want to stand at.
    Using this app, you can take picture as you really like and you dont need to rash anymore to strike a pose.
    Also, you can do your perfect posit a perfect position when you take it cause you can see it on iPad!!

    CAMERA-A and CAMERA-B makes it easy to take a pic with your friends or even by yourself!

    My Support URL is
    vanishlab camera for iPad CAMERA-A CAMERA-B

    I will upload DEMO movie soon.

    can pull this off! now its just to intergrate that same concept into skype or something else
    2010-04-01 03:34 PM