1. z3r01's Avatar
    im not that great so no hate comments

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO5wTVeKuuY&feature=youtube_gdata]YouTube - another sketch[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn8zyPU-Hi4]YouTube - iPad drawing[/ame]
    2010-04-13 04:32 PM
  2. moon#pie's Avatar
    pretty sweet! i alway do abstract stuff on sketchbook mobile because I don't have the skills to actually draw something good. lol
    2010-04-13 04:47 PM
  3. iggychins's Avatar
    Nice job!
    2010-04-13 10:45 PM
  4. soulthoughts's Avatar
    Holy crap that's good.
    2010-04-13 11:04 PM
  5. StealthBravo's Avatar
    Thats really good. What app is that?
    2010-04-13 11:31 PM
  6. nickkrd's Avatar
    What do you mean no hate comments thats better than I've seen any one draw on a tablet
    2010-04-14 05:30 AM
  7. Cer0's Avatar
    Well crap I a need to look at this when I get home and of the corp internet.
    2010-04-14 05:48 AM
  8. ltjbigshot's Avatar
    I wish I could do that. Haha
    Sent from my iPad
    2010-04-14 05:51 AM
  9. StealthBravo's Avatar
    It does look sweet
    2010-04-14 06:14 AM
  10. Cer0's Avatar
    Now that I can see that from home, I must say great stuff. Makes me sad cause I wish I had some sort of talent; other than hunting sig spam lol.
    2010-04-14 01:20 PM
  11. z3r01's Avatar
    2010-04-14 01:27 PM
  12. nickh's Avatar
    Nice work z3,

    Thats one thing I'd wished I had a talent for... always admired people who did. Only wished I had payed more attention in art classes at high school.
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    2010-04-14 02:03 PM
  13. z3r01's Avatar
    wait, is that ron on ur icon lol
    2010-04-14 02:12 PM
  14. nickh's Avatar
    wait, is that ron on ur icon lol
    Oh yer that's Ron alright - can you whip me up a quick sketch, I'm in need of a new pic!!
    iPhone 4 | iMac 24" | MacBook Pro 15" | ATV | iPod Classic | Time Capsule | iPad 16 Gb |
    2010-04-14 02:26 PM
  15. z3r01's Avatar
    2010-04-14 02:47 PM
  16. thetoothfairy's Avatar
    Great work! Now make it a wallpaper for our iPads please!
    2010-04-15 06:57 PM
  17. GTOpilot's Avatar
    Z...did u ever mention which app you used to create those?
    2010-04-15 10:07 PM
  18. ill_graphics's Avatar
    Correct me if I'm wrong z3r01, but I believe it's i Brushes as it has the record feature. That's some nice art work too, I got Sketchbook Pro & Adobe Ideas as it was free. But alas I'm still waiting for my iPad cause it's a 3G model. BTW I love your sig, I'm a big Marvel fan & the whole Flash thing I was rolling the first time I read it.
    Last edited by ill_graphics; 2010-04-18 at 03:23 PM.
    2010-04-18 03:16 PM
  19. z3r01's Avatar
    Yes that's brushes, wish sketchbook pro did this tho
    2010-04-18 03:18 PM
  20. iphone8130hak's Avatar
    thats sweet and good job man
    2010-04-18 11:59 PM
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