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    Every since I bought my iPad syncing with itunes has been more than painful. I would plug my iPad in and click on sync and the beach ball would spin for around a minute before it would start to sync. And once it started to sync it would take so long... well tonight I got sick of it after updating itunes tonight with the 9.1.1 update and it was still doing this so I decided to do my home work and cruse the internet for answers...

    Here was my fix.....

    ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins a plugin called iTonerSupport.bundle this file is used by iToner to install ringtones on an iPhone without having to convert them and with this file gone syncing my iPad is like heaven!

    I moved the iTonerSupport.bundle out of the iTunes Plug-ins folder and put it in a safe place instead of deleting it incase I needed to put it back but so far so good....

    Apple - Support - Discussions - iPad very slow to start or cancel sync ...
    2010-04-28 07:26 AM
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    ^ Well mine was not and I guess I was not the only one according to that forum... not that I moved that file out I feel like I have a new toy!
    2010-04-29 03:17 AM
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    thanx man it worked...i was thinking all ipads have this issue... what should i do thw file i removed?
    2010-04-29 01:00 PM
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    I held onto mine until I seen if this worked and as stated it does then deleted it.... this file is a plugin from iToner and Ambrosiasw needs to update it so that we don't get this slow syncing.....

    iToner | Ambrosia Software, Inc.

    The slow syncing was painful as stated.... Glad it worked for you!

    EDIT: I contacted Ambrosiasw and made them aware of the problem... nice site I was also allowed to send them the problem file as well so I did and explained in detail the problem.

    WOW!!!!!!! Ambrosia contacted me back within a half hour! This is what they stated...

    Hello Peggy,
    Sorry for your frustration. We have an update prepped and coming out any day. I've added you to the notification list. Hope this helps

    Best regards,
    Evan Smith
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