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    Motorola has reported record profits for the company today, but guess what? Motorola has lost its postition as the larges U.S. phone maker to Apple. Motorola sold a total of 8.5 million phones in the recent quarter, while Apple sold 8.8 million iPhones. Go Apple!

    Motorola has been trying to turn around a decrease in phone sales by focusing on new smart phones. That strategy is working, but too slowly to compensate for the drop in overall phone sales. This put Apple in a postition to take over as the leader, and take over they have.

    With all of the goings on regarding the new iPhone that Gizmodo has shared recently, the trend in Apple phone sales will most assuredly continue. That is whenever Apple decides to actually release it to the public.

    For more information and the original article, you can read it here. --> CLICK

    Also, here's Apples own write up regarding it's 1st quarter performance. --> CLICK

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    You're killing me dude.. the link is invalid. If you'd just do a decent write up instead of a couple sentences with a link I'd move your thread to the front page.
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    i remember back when everyone had Razrs, if you had told me back then that apple would pass Motorola, i would of laughed
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    Strange isn't it? Here in Europe Motorola have always been a very minor player in the phone market Way behind Nokia and Sony Ericsson - do they not feature in the USA?
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