1. cunningham111's Avatar
    The 16 digit number for the iphone ecid is clearly labeled in usb view. got it no problem.

    with my ipad the ecid number is not labeled. it comes in as over 30 numbers. the same line in usbview. i dont know what 16 numbers im supposed to grab. for ipad

    is is the line after iserial number please help if you have your ecid for your ipad
    2010-05-01 02:56 AM
  2. GoTiK's Avatar
    1) Download USBView
    2) Start USBView on your PC.
    3) In “options”, check off ”config descriptors” (enable).
    4) Hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh.
    5) Scroll down until you see ”Apple Recovery (iBoot) USB drive”, and click on it.
    6) Look for ECID in right navigation pane.
    7) Copy the 16 digits that follow the ECID.

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    2010-05-01 08:37 AM
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