1. mathieu ung's Avatar
    Hi, I never own an (i) products iphone, ipot and ipad. But, I am considering getting a ipad to replace my dying lap top. There are a few questions I hope you can help answer. Is ipad compatible with Window 7 or XP on Words and Excel? I am now living in China travel a lot BlackBerry is my main life line of email checking but still need to carry a lap top just in case I need to attach files and reading attachment in Excel format. If I signed up with AT&T will I be able to use the 3G in China as well?
    thank you
    2010-05-01 07:21 PM
  2. ajl917's Avatar
    It isnt compatible with any other software but the stock OS. Office has not been made for the iPad, but Apple has made an iWork version for the iPad. As for the 3G in China, I dont know...
    2010-05-01 11:00 PM