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    - First thing the compatibility issue is not a big deal if its error'ing on you just set spirit to win 98 compat and it should work.
    - Second all my photos went and dissapeared yey didnt get to back em up but aww well
    - Third for some reason on my cydia I have to manually enter all the repos by hand as it comes empty
    - Fourth iTunes errors me out saying Itunes cant read contents of the Ipad
    - Fifth erasing everything from inside the ipad through settings blah blah (shitty recovery mode) kinda hung up for a pretty long time (but maybe thats just how long it takes for the ipad?)
    - Sixth Mewseek works and says imported music but it doesnt show up in the music app.

    Anyways all in all id recommend waiting till some of the bugs are fixed, if you just cant wait id backup all my photos and data.

    ahh mind you these are all MY issues some of you might not have the same problems or maybe i just did something wrong
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