1. therockk's Avatar
    Hi, i just purchased an auxiliary unit for my Porsche. And instead of the headphone jack cable it came with the iPhone dock connector cable. I plug in the cable to my ipad and then turn the unit on along with my radio and i hear music. Now the problem i am having is that when i goto watch a movie or a video the iPad thinks that the cable plugged in is a video cable and it only shows a screenshots of whatever video i out on. Is there anyway to turn off video output from the iPad?
    2010-05-07 08:26 PM
  2. tekwiz's Avatar
    If I understand correctly the option to output video is a developer option they have to code into the app. It sounds like your cable is screwy or not official. Have you checked the settings app on the ipad for an option to turn off video out?
    2010-05-08 06:54 PM
  3. therockk's Avatar
    Yes I checked. There is no option under settings to turn video output off .....
    2010-05-08 09:16 PM