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    Has anyone gotten this AttachmentSaver 1.2 to work on the iPad. I have tryed everything. Even Excel files and pdf and all. Please I see a lot of people on the internet having the same problem.

    I have reinstalled it and all. I have had this day one on my iphone and it works 100% but in ipad it doesnt work at all. I dont know if it is a program I got installed that is making it not work or something like that. But I would like some feed back from some other people on this.

    "After testing a little there are a couple of files that do work great for saving to disk. One of the following files is "ZIP" all zip files work great and some others I found out. No big problem. But I thing the problem comes into attachmentsaver because when you have other programs like keynote and others this affects the saving part of it. I have tryed word, powerpoint, excel and pdf and they just open up or ask you in what you want them to open in. But they dont work with AttachmentSaver"
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